Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiet Playtime

We have a tradition of "quiet playtime" in our house. It's after the boys have had dinner & their baths & got dressed, teeth & toilet done... all ready for books before bed. As long as there is time (I started it as an bit of an incentive to get all of their bedtime jobs done in a timely fashion without too many fusses) they can choose a quiet activity. Last night it was finger knitting. These photo's are super grainy but I thought it was really sweet. Hug loves to finger knit & in these photos he's trying to teach Lovely, his willing student :)

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  1. Have you posted about finger knitting before? How do you do it? I think that would be a fun project for some of the kids at school.

  2. very smart. I like quiet playtime.

  3. that's still one skill I have yet to master....finger knitting.

  4. We are going tomorrow to choose yarn for this activity. I am friends with a Waldorf homeschool family and their son has many dinosaurs that he knitted complete with such features as tongues that jut out from the jaws. They use the knitting boards, but I think Sean wants to eventually use the needles.
    Thanks for the comment at my blog! I look forward to following yours:-)

  5. I have to try the finger knitting, it looks easy enough. My 5 year old knows how to knit but its very frustrating to her when it all comes off the needles.
    From stifling hot to 14 degrees today. What gives? Our sunshine coast trip got canceled today as we didn't want to freeze

  6. What a beautiful tradition! My kids LOVE finger knitting!

  7. Beautiful pictures, as usual!
    How old were your boys when your started "quiet playtime" tradition? If I remember right, you have also a "quiet time" during the naps, don't you? Would you mind sharing when you started this one as well? Thank you, Miri

  8. So sweet, I love it when my girls play quietly (and sweetly together like this) : )

  9. Oh you have a lovely blog. I have two boys the same age as yours... think I might teach them some finger knitting too, could be a good school holiday project.


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