Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Conscious listening

"They deserve to sing lyrics
that resonate with them,

that let them know how lucky they are,

how special they are, that yes, they can do it.

They deserve to have songs

humming in their heads

that speak of the awe of nature,

or of their ability to overcome their struggles,

or of the joy of learning something new."

Singing the Songs of Conscious Parenting is an article from The Montessori Foundation website. I recommend reading it if you're interested in the influence of music in our home (& school) environments. It's full of wonderful suggestions for children's cd's - in fact it makes me want to order some new ones right now!

Some of our family's favourite children's cd's are:

Okay, so the monkeys may not be very Montessori nor Waldorf but they're lots of healthy fun & everyone needs to drum sometimes (even monkeys! ;)

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