Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some of what I'm reading & watching on-line this week


"Why I Don't Worry About My Kids' Screen Time". Part 1 and Part 2.

The Parent's Project Journal

Cookie Baking Party (I know you wanna have one ;)

This broke my heart. Every single parent in the world should read it... There are no words.

The Classical Education. 

Counting Coconuts' New Routine. Love seeing how other people get organised!


Blue Jay / 12 Year old Music Prodigy

The Elements of Art (for kids)

Wet-on-Wet Watercolour Painting

Image credit: A friend posted this great pic on FB. Wish I knew who to credit it to. Sharing the love. 

Press PLAY

Mr L is doing really well at "school". He's got a Logical-Mathamatical kinda mind (We're loving our Life of Fred books, thanks for the inspiration Hungry Heads! ;) but he's also really imaginative which I love. His reading is improving every day and his retention seems good too.

Our days run quite smoothly *most of the time* Lol. But when I stumbled across this blog challenge I thought it sounded like the type of fun-injection we would enjoy!

Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of PLAY in this house. In fact, I type this one-fingered into my iphone at the kitchen table sipping my tea and listening to the mad ramblings of Mr.L ensconced in a world of suitcases, locks, keys and burgulars in his room. This is a tea-break from our morning of Chess and book reading on the trampoline.

But, sometimes I find they're/we're stuck in familiar play patterns.

The Play challenge gives you 30 days of Play prompts and is aimed at the younger child. Which is where I think the fun will lie for us - revisiting some of the old-skool gems that we have "grown out of". Yesterday (our first day, but day 8 of the challenge) was Water Play and I made up bottles of coloured water for bath-time play.

Today it's Sensory Tubs! I'm actually not even sure we did Sensory Tubs at all when they were little even though they were all over the web. But I took the lead and have thrown this collection together.

Are you tempted to PLAY too...?

L takes a sneak peek. Immediate response ~ peg on nose. Boys!?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lego inspired painting

I had both boys home with me today & they were having such a wonderful time playing Lego that I knew it would take something fun to get them into our daily routine.

So, we got painting Lego-stylee.

We used a ruler to block out a grid on our paper with pencil before we began. Mixed up the colors. And dived in.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

i heart my Tricky Treaters

Yesterday i posted about Reverse Trick or Treat - our families Halloween tradition. Here are some pics from the road :)

I hope you all had a happy & safe Halloween! x

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