Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Horizons

So it is that the best laid plans always change...

Well, kinda out of the blue I have decided not to send Lovely to the Montessori preschool that Hug went to, at least not for now. 

So I am now getting excited about the possibilities of actually homeschooling him with the Montessori Method... or the Rainbow-Mama-Montessori-Method! ;) 

While Hug was 'officially' a Montessori student I felt that I could only play around the edges of Montessori at home - his teacher had made it clear that it wasn't an good idea to replicate any of the real Montessori materials in the home as it would take away from his experience at school. At the time I was slightly incensed but eventually accepted it & think that it's probably not bad advice. Anyway, it means that I have spent the past two years trying to think of activities that are in the *spirit* of Montessori without actually being - a rather convoluted experience!

So... I am going back to basics. Back to Maria & the philosophy. I want to read *lots* and immerse myself in the ideology. I want to read a bit more about Steiner (Waldorf) as well and start to really get a deep understanding of where I can see the two meet and where they diverge.

I hope that Rainbow-Mama-Montessori will be all about the holistic (mind, body, spirit) development of the child and not-so-much about advanced academics. It will be earthy. It will be about the true spirit of Montessori with a kinda new-age edge... Let's see how it unrolls.

Please wish me luck! All advice is encouraged :)

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  1. oh, i think it will be wonderful.

    earthy and whole.

    you got it.

  2. Thank you Kristin!
    I love the goodwill out there :)

  3. Best wishes! I look forward to following what you do and getting some ideas to try over here!

  4. I think this idea is fantastic. I was thinking alone the same lines for my 4 year old and have half heartedly doing some research. In Australia home schooling is not that common in the suburbs and is frowned upon. The school system here does not encourage much in the way of creativity and free thinking.

  5. Hi Esme's mama :) Thanks for the wishes. They're accepted gratefully.

    Sars Life - I *am* in Australia too! I have decided against homeschooling into the actual school years for the moment but I can't see any harm in trying it out for preschool age children. We'll both probably learn more than I expected! Actually, I'm sure of it :)

  6. Good luck!
    I am happy for you for your wisdom to follow your heart! This is the only true way for me. Looking forward to following you and Lovely in your adventure. Miri

  7. Hey thanks for coming to mine :0) Happy New year to you too! Loving the new blog, like the fact that you open to stuff, nice. Teacher sounded a bit cranky though, I mean I am just feeding my growing intrest in montessori by reading blogs but I would have thought it would have been incouraged, like Laura does with her kids at home, hmm, as long as YOU are happy (which results in happy kids) then go for it rainbow mama!

  8. Hi Amber! It's me again..:) Just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for an award. You can read about it here -
    Also, I am participating in the One World One Heart Giveaway - you are more than welcome to take a look...:)
    Thank you!

  9. what gorgeous photographs!
    i am 100% pro home education and can see no real benefits in school anyway, so yay!


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