Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lovely's Birthday Gifts

We've had lots of shops and cafe's at our house recently. There seems to be a permanent table with tablecloth and lots of real bowls and glasses and cutlery salvaged from the kitchen in the playroom but the highlight is the "shop" as seen above! Here Lovely is very diligently writing down orders from behind the counter as he negotiates the sale of an ice-cream. Yum :)

It's all been made possible by the addition of some new wooden birthday gifts: a cake with candles, some scales (which are extra popular because they come with little price stickers), an icecream set (complete with magnetic scoops and cones), teabags, a pizza set, and I also made some felt food (fettucine with a choice of pesto or tomato sauce, 2 cute fried eggs, some filled pasta - all very simple creations).

I wrapped the gifts from us in newsprint and added some cute Leunig wrapping paper that had happened to come free in the newspaper that day. I love newsprint for family gifts, it's so homespun & sweet but like Hug's gifts here it's nice to add a little pattern to dress it up. 

With some wooden fruit that I found a while ago at a local yard sale (such a wonderful find!) and our wooden stove, table setting etcetera I think this stuff will get a work out for a long time to come. I plan to add more felt food during the year so maybe I'll try and blog some of it. Super-easy :)

The joy of unwrapping! 

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