Sunday, December 16, 2012

Blessed. Our final days with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet.

I don't have the words.

To do these sweetest of days justice.
Blessed. And to-be-forever-remembered.

So I am just going to let the photos speak. x

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Relaxation Cards for Kids - Make Your Own!

Everybody needs to (learn to) relax.

I certainly do ;)
And my boys are no exception. 

We have been working through the book Learning Champs by Colin Rose (both Lovely and Hug particularly enjoyed writing their own Positive Statements). When we got to the section on relaxation I thought it would be nice to make our own set of Relaxation Cards for those moments when (big and) little people need to calm down and relax.

We photocopied the relaxation ideas from the book (you could copy these out of a kids relaxation book from your local library or bookshelf :) Or, do a little google search. 

We pasted them onto some card-stock and then I let the boys decorate them as they wanted. Hug set the theme. I LOVE these - they're so gorgeous. 

Here is the 'full set' but we will add to them over time I'm sure.  

They now live in a repurposed box, but as I look over these photos I am reminded of a small bamboo bowl we used to have... I wonder where that is? These would suit it perfectly.

What else do you need to relax? A yummy salad for lunch. Yep. So we did that too. 
What are your favourite kid-friendly relaxation techniques? A. x

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