Thursday, May 31, 2012

Homeschooling In Isolation... The Need for Community

Hello World.
I have been missing you.

It is so ironic that now that we officially homeschool I feel like I have lost my connections with many of the inspirations that led me to this path.

I guess I've been busy!
I didn't expect to actually have both boys home this year. H joining us was a surprise blessing, but one that left me scrambling for quite a while. Lol.

So I took my eyes off the world of blogs and shiny homeschooling fascinations. I focused in on school, our family, our friends. It was nice and it felt necessary.

But then...
I started to feel alone.
I started to feel isolated.

I started to wonder WHY on earth I was doing this crazy thing called Homeschool. WHY was I making my life a million times more complicated than it needed to be?? WHY had I chosen something that needs to be explained to every person I meet? ... and what if... I feel like I don't have the answers, if I feel like I can't actually justify this choice anymore. Oh No!

I had lost my direction. My focus.
I had isolated myself from the very community that had been my muse.
I felt lost.

Now,  I didn't actually recognise these things for myself. It was my husband who could see what was missing. And he was right.

There are a million ways to live. A squillion ways to educate your children. It's a smorgasbord and I am definitely eclectic in my choices. But now I can see that even though I get to make all of these particular choices for my family I can't do it all alone. I need to talk, to read, to laugh & to share. I need connection to people. People who are passionate about education & life; teachers, inventors, makers, doers. Mothers, fathers and kids. It's not just about homeschoolers, it's about people who share the juice of inspiration. 

So, here I am! Back in the World Of Blog
I need to be here. I need to connect. I need you :) 

I hope you are happy to have me back. Please say hello and send me to your blogs. I want to get to know you all over again!

Amber. x

* I need to add a small postscript, because I haven't mentioned my fab IRL homeschool family friends over at Mansted Family Project who are my constant support and inspiration and fun-sharers. I wouldn't be able do this crazy without them :) 

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  1. This year, I had a huge change in my homeschooling community. I kept clinging to my belief that, with a little faith, all of life's upsets lead to better things. But it was lonely for a time! I'm coming out on the other side stronger now. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am thrilled to find yours. I enjoy your writing very much.

  2. Welcome back, Amber! What a lovely post with such important points. I ebb and flow between isolation and healthy interaction. (I've yet to overdue community since having children.)

    I haven't been blogging much lately, but you can visit our little homeschool at

    I look forward to reading your posts again.


  3. Welcome back to blogland. I don't homeschool but I do blog and enjoy reading your one :o)

  4. Hello Amber! So nice to "meet" you! I relate so very much to what you are writing here as I also homeschool in isolation. the land of "blogs" is so important to me, too. I find inspiration, connection, and just what I need to keep doing what I'm doing. Because I don't have it around me and that's hard. I long for those connections and surprisingly, (amazingly!) I've found it online (?) Never thought that would happen, but I guess it turns out online relationships can be "real." So I"m glad to meet you today, already I can see that your blog is a true inspirtation. Much love from Costa Rica,


  5. Yay! She's b-a-c-k!
    Good to see you blogging again - I've missed you virtually and in blogworld : )

    And thanks for the postscript link!
    All of us at Mansted Family Project love sharing the crazy with you too : )

  6. Darn! I meant to say I missed you IRL and virtually in blogworld.
    Can't sort my virtual from my real...

  7. Lol Tracey :)

    & waving hello Leslie! Nice to "meet you" too. I'm going to head over to your blog & read all about writing in chocolate syrup (!) right now! xx

  8. Well hello!! What a surprise!
    SO happy for your decision to return to this space. It wasn't the same without you. Hope for my sake that this time you decide to stay here too...:)

  9. Amber, I thought you just moved to Facebook or did I misunderstand that lol? I'm not a FB person at all, I prefer blogs any day. Good to see you blogging again. And yes, what we do as homeschoolers is so against the norm that we need each other which is why I love blogland more:)

  10. Awww, thank you for the enthusiastic hello's!!

    p.s. My facebook page is just an added-extra. Not a replacement for this blog :)


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