Sunday, June 21, 2009

I can't decide...

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  1. What a great picture. I've been looking for a collection of old Montessori classroom pictures (with or without Montessori herself) for a project I've been brewing in my head. Any links to point me to?

  2. Do you need to decide? It is possible (I think) to do both. I use Montessori teaching material (I brought a whole classroom pack for only $10 000 Aus, which has all your practical life, sensorial, maths, language arts) and brought the NAMC teaching guides and DVD's so I knew how to introduce the material (as well as reading a numer of other Montessori books). I do find Montessori too prescriptive though- sure you need to introduce the material a certain way, and the child needs to progress in a systematic fashion, but some of the activities (like the turning the page of a book, or taking a book of a bookshelf) are too much for me, although I am sure a Montessori teacher would disagree, and that is absolutely fine. Anyway, so I teach using a child led Montessori curriculum (for our 'official' school time), but I add a lot of Steiner influences, we follow the seasons and do a lot of celebrations to do with that; we do a lot of Steiner art; we do HEAPS of dressing up, reading the original fairy tales and other good books- loads of imaginary play (which Maria Montessori didn't agree with); we spend 2 or 3 hours outside evryday with nature. I think that its possible to combine the two very succesfully, for us anyway. I like knowing that the children are enjoying their school, really understanding their work, and covering it thoroughly, and I also love that they are still being expressive, developing their creativity and connecting with nature and the seasons. Oh, a lot of our toys are 'steiner' open ended toys too, which adds to their play. Sorry this is so long!

  3. What is your dilemma? Montessori or Waldorf?

  4. Woops! Sorry ;) This was an un-started post that actually published. But I do love that lots of people wondered what I was having troubling deciding :)

    Post to come soon...


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