Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I've mention the littlest cutey, Lovely, lots on this blog recently so I though tI'd give a quick rundown about what my wonderful Hug has been up to!

He's really matured and mellowed out a lot in the past few months. It's amazing to see what a fine young person he is. So creative and funny and full of love and life.

He love love love love LOVES his school. Did I mention that he loves it?! ;) It's funny because as much as his mama may dig everything Montessori this little caterpillar wasn't ever *this* happy at his Montessori preschool. He is just completely in his element now & in the Montessori spirit of "following the child" I am really embracing that with him.

Here's a few photos from his pursuits this week:

The lantern he made at school for the Winter Festival. He loves it and managed to talk his daddy into buying a pack of 100 tealight candles so we will be enjoying this for months to come I'm sure.
It's made from heavy paper that has been painted in the wet on wet style, waxed ad scored to create the geometric shape. It is beautiful :) He also handmade the woolen handle.

Boy's business with daddy.

More boy's business! ;) Well, it should be! He's been my eager vacuuming assistant this week. I think he likes being in charge of the power cord.

Lots of playing with his cousins & neighbourhood friends.

Inventing 'machines' in the bathtub. This particular machine has a number of different levers and a myriad of uses that I can't even begin to remember or describe!

Brainstorming the design of our cardboard rocket ship with Lovely and Daddy.

All things sticky tape & straws. He's the king of sticky tape and straws this week! These are frames he's created "ready to have the canvas (aka. paper) stretched onto them"...

Tupperware, paper, straw and sticky tape "hats".

Making paper planes from The Dangerous Book for Boys.

Playing with the 'Root Child' (have you read the beautifully illustrated book?) we made together at our new friend's craft morning. It's a wintery themed character, waiting under the earth until the springtime comes.

This is Mr Gnome, whom Hug stitched together at school. Hello :)

Puppetshows at the kitchen table this morning featuring both Mr Gnome and the Root Child.

A straw and sticky-tape flower sits with one from our garden. Hug made it for me a few mornings ago & slipped it into my room while I was having a little sleep in. Ahh, see what I mean. He's a real sweety at the moment :)

Thanks for being my biggest one, Huggly. I love you so much. xxx

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  1. The sticky tape and straw creations have melted my heart! What a cool kid!

    I'm impressed that you're actually planning your rocket ship proparly. Ours was a late night crazed seat of your pants construction. I dare you to build a lunar module for it with a tunnel connecting them, then you can play Apollo Mission!

  2. Yup, he's a cool cat :)

    I will forward your dare onto my construction team! Stay tuned... (it might take a while though :)


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