Sunday, June 28, 2009

White on White

We just bought new couches. Yippee!

2 WHITE fabric couches. Eeeeek!!

After we chose them last week I woke up in the night & thought "Oh, my God. I have 2 beautiful new white couches and 2 small boys. What was I thinking?!" Tee Hee ;) The truth is that we've always had a white couch since before Hug was born but I'd made the white cover myself & it was easy to not be too precious about it.

Anyway, they do have removable covers & we did buy an spare set of covers to put away. So, I think it will be good. And did I mention that they're beautiful?! I have never bought a new couch before. Our old one was a family hand-me-down (which is why I covered it) & I have been asking (pretty-pretty-please) for a new one for years. So I'm a happy duck this morning :)

The other FABULOUS thing is that there is so much cardboard in our loungeroom right now & the boys are so excited about *that*! I showed T the rocket that the amazingly-talented curator of the blog Filth Wizardry made (this woman really is awe-inspiring!) & he's in there right now building us a rocket ship! T just happens to be writing a book about kids traveling to space at the moment (as you do!) so the 3 of them are pouring over books & designing the rocket. Very cool.

Photo's to come I'm sure...

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