Saturday, June 27, 2009

What can I do with these?

I've been meaning to ask this for ages actually! I even thought of starting something called 'What-could-I-do-with-this-Wednesday' because I'm sure we all buy things (especially at yard sales & thrifting) that we know *must* be perfect for something - we just don't quite know what! I bought these 2 wooden sets at a consignment store & subsequently have seen them on a few Montessori suppliers sites too.

We've sorted them by colour & shape and height... but I'm sure there must be more things the boys could do with them - in the way that the Knobless Cylinders (this is a link to the lovely Jo at A Bit of This and a Bit of that) seem to have lots of different extensions...

Does anyone else have these? Or some ideas?

All thought will be greatly appreciated. As always :)

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  1. I have this work out in the very beginning of the year. I extend the work by letting the children trace the shapes to make a booklet.

  2. We have the different shapes one, but are not at extension point yet. Keen to see what you come up with though. (:

  3. Hi Miss Patty & MoaMM :) The tracing is a good idea. I hope I get some more suggestions for you to share with me!


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