Sunday, March 1, 2009

It stops with me. The Peacemaker

Despite photos to the contrary we struggle with a bit of sibling rivalry around here. I know most families probably do but that doesn't make it any easier! My boys are crazy about each other - they really can't leave each other alone & sometimes that's great, amazing, wonderful & sometimes it's... well, less so ;)

Anyway, with our darling dada T away this week my Mama came over to visit us & saw a little of the afore mentioned strife so she told them the Gandi quote:

"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

She did quite a good job describing what that meant (in a way they might be able to understand) & she spoke of The Peacemaker.  That we want to *BE* Peacemakers. That we can strive for that & if there is a disagreement or someone does something to you that you don't like then instead of retaliating you can actively decide that "It stops with me".

I loved that. It's so simple & really powerful. 

While we have still had a few incidents since I've actually noticed that when I've reiterated that line with something like "It stops with you, Hug" it really has made a difference & diffused the situation. Thanks Grandma!

p.s There are lots of wonderful Peace things at Montessori Services. I want some of the Global Peace Flags!

How do you deal with conflict in the home &/or classroom?

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  1. I love that quote from Gandi. So much wisdom.

  2. At school we have a peace table with a peace rose on it. We are gradually teaching the children to use the peace rose to help them explain that a particular behaviour was hurtful and to help them to take it in turns to say sorry and lets be friends. I love the Gandi quote. We also have a candle for when we make silence and a little poem. Often when we make silence it is because a child has put out the candle at circle time - like a big hint for what is needed!

    At home I am not so good - time for a little chat and a peace table here too! Thank you for the nudge.


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