Monday, March 2, 2009

Finger labyrinths

I've written about our love for colouring Mandalas before & when Hug asked me to print some off this morning I stumbled across a link to Labyrinths and was thrilled to find some 'Finger Labyriths' to print out. 

I'm sure I've read somewhere about these being used in the classroom as a Montessori activity that the child can choose or possibly be directed to. I have printed out these 2 labyriths onto silver cardstock & cut them out as circles & they're really simple but quite beautiful. I imagine that it might be good to sensitize the fingertips in advance of tracing the labyrith & have included 2 links that refer to this: here and here.

Walking a labyrinth - be it with your legs or your fingers - can bring you a sense of calm, of balance and comfort. It's meditative. We walked a big one on Saturday & I always love it.

The 2 finger labyrinths I found are a simple one & a more complex one.
Here are some helpful tips:

+Work with your non-dominant hand.
+'Walk' into the centre.
+Rest in the centre.
+Walk out.
+Notice what you notice.

Montessori by Hand (now Sew Liberated) has a great post about a labyrinth they actually created in Mexico & now that I've googled a bit I've discovered that you can buy a wooden hand-held labyrinth from Montessori Services.

I'll present it to the boys this week & let you know how it goes. I plan to add a few more peaceful elements like a peace bell or sand-raking work over time too. If you have any good suggestions please add them :)

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  1. The mandala coring pages are really pretty. Makes me want to color!

  2. Hi Sarah :)
    I'm loving the airplane parts nuts and bolts on your blog! My boys would be crazy for that!! :)

  3. Love the labrynth ideas. The ones at Monti Services are lovely but out of our current budget, so I wonder if I could get my son to make one for JBug? Maybe out of clay? Hmm... need to think on that awhile.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Theresa! I like your clay idea... you've got me thinking too :)

  5. I love the labrynths! What fantastic ideas!

  6. A delightful thing to do! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Although I teach in an ordinary mainstream school Ithink I might just use this especially for one little boy who tends to get very stressed and does not know what to do with his angry feelings! Or maybe I'll just use one while he does his thing!


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