Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I got a special day with just Hug at home today & I introduced him to this new work which I finished up last night! Though we've kick-started language already I'm just starting with Maths and don't actually have any bead works made yet (which is what I think we are ready for) so I wanted to go over these basics again. I printed these cards thanks to the blog Montesecrets & found a nice tin & filled it with 45 little mais packing peices. Now I know that it's a kinda odd choice but T received a parcel filled with them yesterday & the boys called them Marshmallows (thankfully, they're old enough to know not to eat them now!) so I knew they'd grab his attention.

Something that we haven't covered before with this type of work was how to lay out the pieces in two's with the odd pieces sitting below (to the left) so I focused on that. Later I was checking my fave blogs & read this post from Jo and realised that I'd forgotten to mention the point - which is starting to recognise odd and even numbers. Okay, something for next time ;)

Here we were working together with some basic addition. I observed that he was confident with the lower numbers (like 'lets bring 2 over to the 3' for 2 + 3) but hesitated with the bigger numbers. So I took the time to show him all of the options there were for creating some of the bigger numbers like 9! 1+8 or 2+7 or 3+6 or 4+5 and he liked that.

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