Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some of my Favourite New Things :)

Here are some of the new sites, blogs, articles & more that I've enjoyed finding (or revisiting) this weekend and wanted to share with you:

+ Beautiful Sun Montessori - a wonderful blog - I'm *in love* with her classroom :) See: here, here & here.

+ The blog psmontessori 

+ Youtube search for Montessori

+ Video previews from NAMTA (some of these are really good!)

+ A paper on Grace & Courtesy 

+ Lesson videos from (plus their amazing collection of Montessori Primary Guides (step-by-step written lessons)

+ Videoclips from the new AMI USA site

+ The Art of Montessori in the Home - an article from AMI USA

+ Separation and Letting Go - another AMI article

+ Measuring Volume Set Nomenclature Cards free from Montessori for Everyone

+ Lesson videos from Tami Elliot at Expert Village

+ Bringing Montessori Home from (the original! :) Montessori Mama

+ Free 3 part cards (Geometric Solids, Land Formations ) & more from ETC Press inc.

+ And, finally, it's not Montessori but I also enjoyed Making it Lovely

Phew! Yup, it's official. I've spent far too much time on my Mac ;) Must go & revive myself.
Hope you're having a happy weekend! 

What do you want to share?

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  1. This is a wonderful list! We're flattered to be on it. I'm going to click away on this post! Thanks.

  2. Thanks for adding our school to your list! What a comprehensive blog you have- great to make contact!

  3. oh i love lists like this....never know what's coming next! thanks.
    you have such a pretty site!

    my camera is a canon rebel XT from 3 years ago. the lens (the secret to the goodness) is a 28-105 EF lens. it's gives that depth of field...

    thanks for asking.
    have a wonderful day!


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