Monday, February 23, 2009

Strawberry Banana Splits!

Homemade Strawberry & Banana Splits. Yum! On Valentines Day I made us a delicious afternoon tea that could be enjoyed anytime special - it was super easy!

Make a Strawberry Sauce. 
I am able to get a bag of frozen organic strawberries at my local farmers market so I just used a bunch of these delicious berries & just a sprinkle of organic Rapadura sugar (you don't really need sugar, 'cos I find strawberries are ususally sweet enough but I wanted to go all out :) & a sprinkle of water. Cook over medium heat, mashing the fruit a little as it softens, until it becomes a shiny, thick sauce. Voila! It's that easy.

Assemble the Banana Split.
Sliced banana + vanilla icecream + walnut pieces + a few chunks of chocolate + hot strawberry sauce.


Please let me know if you make some :)

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