Friday, February 20, 2009

Look what I've been doing!

Thanks for the ideas and advice, lovely friends :)

And, look what I made!

Okay, so after I posted yesterday I lay awake in bed & realised that what I *really* wanted was something as close to the Montessori Moveable Alphabet as possible & that I needed to make myself a box for the lower case letters. 

This morning I remembered that we had a timber puzzle frame that was empty on the puzzle shelf & after a few quick measurements I realised that it might just work!

So, 24 hours (& some sore fingertips) later I am now the proud owner of a pretty cool Moveable Alphabet. I know that the 'a' and the 'g' aren't perfect (they ideally should be the simpler form of the letter) but I can live with that. And, the brilliant news is that it cost me less that $14 Australian. Compared to ordering from the USA and having to pay international freight, that is a big saving.

Yippee! I'll put up a quick post about how I did it in case anyone is interested.

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