Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mopping : Practical Life

This week the boys have both done some mopping! 

Here is Lovely mopping their bedroom (note: I bought this mop as it had an adjustable handle but it broke :( so now it's not quite so child friendly but it does the trick). I love this photo because he was watching himself in the mirror as he was mopping! You can see the little kitchen area peeking out from behind the door. It's tres cute & will feature in a post really soon. Just got to find the time to write more ;)

I've included this photo so that you can see some more of their new room! We've mixed everything up recently with T and I moving into the boys old bedroom & the boys taking our larger room over as a joint bedroom and playroom. That left the old playroom to become a studio space for T and I :) In this photo you can see both of the boys beds, their 'firestation' dollshouse & a few big baskets that hold wooden blocks, treeblocks and wooden animals. The dresser holds their pj's and on top is a globe & some nature table items. Underneath the dresser is a cd player so they can choose their own music or stories. I was a happy mama when I walked into the room over the weekend & Lovely was playing quietly on a rug on the floor & listening to Wagner - the CD from our Kandinsky artists basket from last year :)

Here's my other mopper! I love this photo too! Look at that mop, skip & jump! Yes, the boys have mopped before, but this time I asked them to collect the thing that they would need & then I showed them how to fill the bucket with warm water, letting them add the bio-friendly floor cleaner (I'd usually do this bit myself) & we focused on how to use the bucket (their fave part I think!) because there's been a *lot* of very wet mopping in the past.

Dip the mop in the clean water.
Move it to the basket area.
Twist the mop stick so that all of the mop head is contained in the basket.
Push all of the excess water from the mop (use your muscles!)

Because the water was still pretty clean we also practised washing Hug's crocs before I showed him how to empty the bucket and store the wet mop and bucket to dry.

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  1. That is so great. My kids loved scrubbing my floor with the sponge. :) But they never tried mopping. Great idea!

  2. If the mop has a metal handle you can use a hack saw to cut it off. I just did that with a broom for my daughter.


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