Thursday, February 12, 2009

Apple Bread and Sparkling Windows

Hug's school has a great program running throughout the entire Kindergarten year whereby the children only attend school 4 days each week & the 5th day is a homeschool day! Yippee! 

The parents choose 2 choices from a list of activities each term that you agree to do with your child in the home. We chose Cooking and Cleaning (or 'House Blessing' as I - and Flylady - like to call it ;)

This was our first week & I pulled out the beautiful cookbook Apples for Jam (which had been sitting on my shelf looking gorgeous but greatly unused for far too long) & decided that seeing that we had a huge bowl of apples on the table that we should make Apple Bread! 

Lovely comes to grip with the apples. His job was to wash them at the sink. Note the tea-towel apron :)

Hug cutting the butter to help it soften.

Weighing + tipping + pouring + measuring + mixing + cracking 
(+ tasting :)

The top of our finished Apple Bread. I personally thought it was one of the yummiest things I'd ever eaten! Lovely gobbled it up but he will eat almost anything (except potatoes - what's with that?!) and Hug didn't like it (the walnuts I think) and T thought it was too sweet! Too sweet, is that even possible? Tee Hee. Although I was a little disappointed at first I soon remembered that it's all about the process, man, & they LOVED the process. Big smile :)

Our 'Home Blessing' job for this week was window washing. It was a good opportunity to model how to squeeze out the sponge (I showed them how to ball it completely into their hand & squeeze). We use little sponges by the way - I just cut a standard sponge in half. I had been looking at the back windows with dread for some time & now they are all sparkling. Thanks sweet boys. Oh, & me -  I was helping too :)

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  1. I love those shoes on the book cover.:) I like that, "Home blessing"; sure beats "homes cleaning". :)

  2. That apple bread sounds yummy! We have kiddie tables in Africa that I use when cooking with Esme, since there is so much on the top counter I'd rather not have her get into yet. I miss that experience - I haven't had her help me much here.

  3. Ive just come across your blog for the first time and I love it.

    Btw I live within 15 mins of the Flylady. Im so shocked when i read about people from around the world who love her and the site so much. I never knew it existed until recently.


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