Thursday, July 16, 2009

Market Day!

I was so very pleased to get back to our local farmers market today! We were in a real good groove with it a few months back but then fitting it in with taking Hug to school & getting back with time to start our special Montessori work-cycle time with Lovely meant that it kinda got a bit lost.

This was the brilliant stash of fresh. local. mostly organic. produce we brought home today!

Eggplant, green beans, cos lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, blood oranges, pink grapefruits, pak choy, mixed sprouts, spelt fruit loaf, avocados, bananas, star fruit, broccoli, dill, sweet potatoes, celery, pecans, macadamias, local brown rice, a wholemeal tomato chutney pull-apart, flowers and this amazing 'alive granola' mix which is *delicious* & full of sprouted buckwheat, nuts, seeds, goji berries, other dried fruits & spices - it's vegan, raw & dairy, gluten & sugar free!

Not bad for the middle of winter, huh?!

And this is the lunch I made for us :) All I really did was chop up some bits & lightly drizzle them with pesto . I didn't partake in the pull-apart bread but it was all so yummy anyway! Yeah for healthy *and* yummy! Btw, in case you're imaging that that the boys ate everything - they didn't , but they did both eat the bread, some pecans, capsicum, tomato, celery, and cucumbers, blood orange & maybe some sprouts. So I was a pretty happy mama :)

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