Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Curved Line

Working (at a bit of a snails pace!) through the NCM guides we've already looked at the idea of a Straight Line and here we were looking at a Curved Line.

I showed Lovely how we could (slowly! - we don't want to end up with a quick scribble) draw a curvy line without lifting our pen off the paper.

After we had finished our Curved Line drawings I started to colour in the shapes that had been made while Lovely added a few extra elements to his masterpiece, including a ZigZag. I drew my own ZigZag & we talked about how it was made with lots of Straight Lines.

Lovely asked to join me in colouring my curvy doodle. It was a fun activity to do together & he announced that we should post it to his Nana Joan (T's grandmother who is in a nursing home) which was the perfect idea & made it extra sweet :)

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  1. Amber,
    Thanks for sharing some of these wonderful ideas from the NCM Guides.
    I still have not ordered any, but I am really considering it.
    Does it take much time to get the activities/presentations ready?


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