Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's up doc?

At the end of last term Hug told me that he would like to start taking a lunch bag to school instead of his basket, & while I love the baskets I do understand ;) So it was agreed that he could have one for the return to school. I saw some really nice ones but at $35 each (of course - Lovely wants one too! So, make that $70 in total) I just couldn't justify it.

Then, I remembered that they'd been given a pair of insulated lunch bags for Christmas but the Police theming wasn't going to fly at school...

So, after much consideration Hug chose a new theme - the Easter Bunny! I'd let slip a few days earlier that it was only 8 weeks until his birthday & he said that he wanted an Easter Bunny Party?! Too funny - I'm sure it's just because he thinks it's the only way to ensure that there will be chocolate at the party:) Lovely wasn't so subtle & actually asked for a Chocolate Party for his last birthday!

And here is the 'new' lunch bag. He loves it :)

I wish I hadn't used blanket stitching around the edges because it is a little rough & ready but otherwise I'm happy. I got the pattern from here.

Hello :)

And a carrot zipper.

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  1. Very cute bunny and carrot. Every time Koko sees a picture of a nice cake, she says, " I want that for my next party!"


  3. That is simply fantastic!!! I love everything you did to it. You made it so completley adorable!



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