Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I often set up an activity on the dining table before I go to bed at night so that the boys find it when they wake up & they're welcome to choose to do it or not depending on how interested they are. They usually are!

These circles that I cut out of sandpaper didn't grab Hug this morning (he already had a plan to do some architectural drawings!) but Lovely & I enjoyed them! I presented them with the block style Lyra crayons. for a rubbing exercise inspired by NCM.

Here's Lovely's work. He got a little scribbly at the end (he must have turned the crayon onto it's side instead of shading with the side) but I love it's energy.

Here's my play :)
Later, during our work cycle I presented a piece of paper with a circle that I'd drawn earlier (tracing a bowl) & asked Lovely to get out the ladybugs that we used with our Straight Line activity. There are 10 ladybugs, so we counted them out & then Lovely put them on the line of the circle. He placed them on the line but all together & when he finished I showed him how they could all move forward a bit & space out around the circle. This made it easier to show him how - unlike the Straight or Curved Line - the Circle has no beginning and no end. This was an NCM activity.

Later still, while we were talking about the Grace and Courtesy lesson of "observing others without disturbing their work" ;) we role-played together & I gave Lovely the 5c coin (that he loves to play with) and the circle as his "work" and he really enjoyed using his finger to move the coin around and around and around the circle. A circle goes around and around. This is me "observing" - albeit with a camera... does that count as disturbing?!

A little friend he drew last week... he hasn't drawn faces or people in ages! I miss these crazy critters. And, it was good to see that he can draw a pretty good freehand circle.

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