Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sink or Float?

I put together a 'Sink or Float' activity for Lovely this week. I just grabbed an assortment of bits around the house (including some sand from the sandpit - that's what is in the white bowl) & made 2 labels: one saying 'Float' & one one saying 'Sink'.

I also drew a little picture on the back of each label & Lovely choose to work with that side showing. It was interesting to see what he choose for each category.

Filling a bowl with water.

And then came the 'control of error'! He enjoyed discovering what things did & didn't float & what was different from his expectations. This was a pretty easy & fun 'early science activity'.

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  1. When you are ready to move on with this there are some really cool things to do.
    1. have 2 bowls, 1 with normal water and one with salt water and see what sinks in 1 but floats in the other.
    2. fill a bottle with equal amounts of honey, oil and water and see what sinks to each level.
    3. fill a bottle with half oil, half water, put the lid on, shake like crazy and watch it settle. If you colour the water it it even cooler.

    Have fun!!!!


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