Sunday, July 26, 2009

Happy Montessori munchkins

Hi! We're just back from a few days of camping. Hope everyone had a good weekend too :)

Just saw these gorgeous videos that Montessori Candy posted about & wanted to mention them here too. The videos are from a school called Countryside Montessori in Illinois (USA) & show children working together to prepare lunch, sit & eat together, happily clean up & then get ready for resting.

Looking at things like this make me dream of having such an experience for my boys! Please take a look & maybe we can chat in the comments about our thoughts...

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  1. I really was beautiful. It showed so clearly what children are capable of. Trying to bring such a model into homeeducation can be daunting, and yet, I have many more years to 'get it right'. :)


  2. I saw those vids too - I love the older kids taking responsibility for settling the younger ones in for their nap


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