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Oh me oh my. It's 2 days later & I'm *still* tired... I barely slept a wink the night I stayed up reading it because I was to excited & inspired. Order one *now* if you don't have it already. But DON'T read it before bed!

I got mine a week or so ago (delivered - free of charge - in Australia, by courier. Very impressive :) & I'd been checking a few things against my proposed Adena 'order'. After some discussion in the comments of one of my posts about getting the Metal Insets Tray, smith from Maybe Montessori commented that Nienhuis don't have it in their catalogue - so I quickly grabbed it & of course she was right. Well, that sealed the deal!

I still haven't actually placed the order as, annoyingly, the Adena shopping cart seems to reset each day so I need to find the time to do it again - but the Nienhuis catalogue also came with a pricelist & -surprisingly! - I might be able to buy some of the small accessory items (paper & box for the metal insets for example) from them which would be cool.

p.s Thanks for the kind words about my first 3-part-cards pouch. This 'community' is so supportive. Love it :)

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  1. Oh wow! I can see me having the same issue with that catalog. What a great idea resource! I just keep looking through, thinking what I would have to buy and what I could make. Good thing the computer isn't in my room... I would be in trouble!


  2. Hi, I love your blog, a lovely resource for all parents.
    Not sure if you know this or not, but Modern Teaching Aids Australia distibrute Nienhuis products.


  3. Hi Val :) We can all dream!

    Hi Lela!
    Thanks for stopping & saying hello :)

    Yes, it was MTA who sent me the Nienhuis catalogue & I'm really impressed how low their freight is. Of course, the big budget items are exactly that (*big budget*) but the accessories are quite reasonably priced & they have such an *amazing* book collection! I've ordered from Montessori Books (in Melbourne I think) & from Amazon USA before but I think I'll hope to order through them now.

    Thanks for introducing me to your blog - I look forward to looking around :)


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