Monday, July 6, 2009

First day of our first school holidays...

Well, we did have a little break at Easter but this really feels like the first one!

I'm probably going to bore a lot of people silly over the next few weeks as I attempt to document our days, especially as we have no special plans or trips but I still want to log it ;)

This was day 1:

A first-day-of-holidays wake-up surprise... new Lyra gel crayons!

T & Hug went for a nature walk & came back with some beautiful wattle. Spring is already trying to sneak up on Winter!

While they were gone Teddy (also known as 'baby' according to Lovely) & I were the lone audience for a Lovely puppet-show.

The treasures from Lovely's pocket... (note, 'baby' is wearing a pull-up ;)

And, the 'essentials' that Lovely packed for himself. A container of salt, glue-stick, potatoes, sweet potatoes, mini pencils, pom poms, scissors, felt pasta, stones, glass beads, felt ball & more... what else could a boy want?!

Hug's 'maple-syrup factory' - a popular set up around here :) We love maple syrup!

Later, Hug spent the afternoon making a pirate ship but I didn't get any good photos though I did like this shovel for digging through treasure chests that he created. Man, are we going through sticky tape at the moment in this house!

T continued to work on the giant cardboard rocket that's sat in our loungeroom all week blocking the light. I didn't get any good photo's of it either because in all honesty it's just too big! Strangely, I must say that the boys aren't overly inspired by it but it does get a work-out when their friends come around :)

Hug gives me an impromptu lesson on volcanos.

Lunch. Sweet potato & potato wedges wrapped in newspaper. Served picnic-style :) Yum.

Rest time.

As a treat, after dinner we all piled into the loungeroom & watched our 'family show' - the UK architectural/building/design show Grand Designs. We love it! I especially love that Hug always has to go & get his art supplies & start designing as he watches it. This is his redesign of our house, featuring an under-deck swimming pool.

Today was the first time that Lovely joined in. These were the first window-paned windows I've seen him draw :)

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