Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our NCM Montessori activities yesterday were all about our Hands. I actually couldn't find and hand nomenclature or associated activities online - does anyone have any links to suggest?

So, we did a lot of finger-play & then we talked about our fingertips - which we had discussed a little while back when I introduced the Touch Boards - and then he saw my fingertip (which I'd tested the ink on earlier) so I showed him the special spiraling pattern on my fingertip (highlighted by the ink) & we talked about how every single person in the world has *unique* fingerprints.

And then we fingerprinted ourselves!

Yes, someone got a little carried away ;)

Here's some of our finger-play with Lovely showing me the special move a surf-lifesaver taught him earlier in the year. We also tried picking up things with our thumb tucked into our palms - to talk about how important the thumb is, and did a big brainstorm on all of the things we use our hands for.

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  1. hi! I do enjoy your blog. So nice to see what everyone is up to. I have hand nomenclature cards (although I don't know where they are from) but they would be so easy to make. I have a picture of them posted on March 16th and if you type "parts of the hand" in the search box it comes up. All you would need to do is trace one of the boy's hands and do some coloring. My cards cover the fingers/thumb, fingernails, knuckles and the entire hand- 16 cards total.


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