Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thanks for visiting me :)

Wow! I just checked my "visitors" counter (which I hadn't looked at in ages) & was amazed to see that I'm about to hit the 10,000 mark! Right now it's 9,976 to be precise. I was expecting it to say 2 or 3 thousand maybe. Phew! That's rather cool seeing that I only started that particular counter at the beginning of the year.

So, a big HELLO & THANK YOU for taking the time to drop by. Please introduce yourself if you haven't done so before! Oh, and just say hello for the fun of it if you have :)

In celebration, here are some fun pix from our recent museum hop. Go dinosaurs go!

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  1. Hello! :) Love those tails hanging off the hooks!

  2. I wish we had a museum room like that in our house! Love the row of hanging tails. :)

  3. Hi, I'm Rebecca. A homeschooling mum down in Gunning NSW. I love your blog because we too homeschool Montessori, but with a Steiner slant. Yours is the only blog I have seen like this. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

  4. I think I've said hi before, but just in case I haven't--hello!

  5. Hi Amber! I love those tails. I may have to make a few of those soon. :)


  6. Hi Amber,

    I forgot to say I am the same person as Anna who had a conversation with you via your comments about how to encourage writing. You put out a sand tray with great success! I didn't have a blog then but I started one at the beginning of May which is why I suddenly have a different name!

  7. Hi all! Thanks for sharing the love :)

    Anna, thanks for letting me know the connection! The sand tray has been out of the loop for a little while - maybe you'll be the catalyst to get it out again!

    Rebecca, We must have driven through Gunning last year on our way to Wagga Wagga! I googled-mapped you ;) We live in northern NSW. Shame we aren't closer - as I'd love to get to know another family with a Steiner/Montessori twist. How old are your children?

  8. Aaah, excuse the spelling typos, I probably should have previewed my comment first!

  9. that's so cool! my boys would absolutely love to see something like that. if only...

  10. Yay to you! We all love your blog! XX

    PS I want a dino tail!!!


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