Friday, June 12, 2009

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We're home! Actually, we've been home for a week and a half but I was enjoying a little extra blogging-holiday time :) Although I love blogging it's also really nice to move away from the computer & the bloggy world for a little while.

We were in Melbourne (Australia) & really enjoyed having a bit of an urban adventure! But it's lovely to be home & settling into a sweet snuggly Winter rhythm now... We were due to be flying to Tokyo next Tuesday but have decided not to go. Even though I'm sure to look back & think we were crazy (!!) to cancel I also know that we've had a rather interrupted few months (especially with T away a lot for work - he's a children's author & has had a bunch of different books released this year) & the boys are both *really* excited about the Winter Festival celebrations at their schools (which we would have missed were we to go on the trip) and I'm enjoying getting our lives & our home back in shape... so it's all good :) Here are some pix from Melbourne. I'll try & post a few more soon!

p.s Lovely - aka. my littlest punk ;) isn't sad in that first photo, he's just absorbed in the clicking pen he just got given!

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  1. Welcome back. :) Cool photos.

  2. I understand the taking a holiday from blogging thing. Although I enjoy blogging, I feel that it takes time and now that we are enjoying Spring I have so many outdoor things I would rather be doing.
    Welcome back though!

  3. Blog break. I have been doing a bit of that too... feels good, I agree. :) Glad you had a good time. I have to say I missed you though.

    See you soon!



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