Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Can you see...

There was another creature we saw... just not quite as closely as Mr. Froggy. Can you see anything?

What about now?

Believe me, I'm on major zoom here.

It's a Death Adder, one of the most venomous snakes in the world.

Eeeeek! Apparently they're very rare to see in the wild but my Mama has been walking (carefully...) past this one on the path for the past week. She's crazy (in a completely lovable way of course ;) I don't think I could live in the wilds. Nope. T definitely couldn't. I was very happy to see this snake but I don't want to live with him!

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  1. Wow! W just saw a huge black rat snake on our hike the other day. Not scary like your death adder, though. What a pretty path!

  2. Shudder... oh holy crap lady. I just pulled my feet up on my chair. That is amazing that you got close enough to zoom. I would have ran, no kidding... ran fast the other way.

    That is a crazy huge scary snake!

    Val ~ Still shuddering.

  3. From a distance, Hug said it looked like an anthill. And it did. Which is even scarier... had we just been walking along not knowing that it was there it would have been so easy for one of us to have lent down to pick up a stick or something & accidentally come face to face with it. Eeek!


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