Friday, August 14, 2009

Continent Boxes

I found the doll from Norway in the car :) Her eyes do open but she's old so they don't open much!

I also put our Continent Boxes out in a more obvious spot! Previously Lovely was too little to have free access to them but I think it should be fine now although I'm still keeping the money separately as I'm sure lots of it might 'disappear' ;) Both boys are always playing shops & other games were money is required & I'm happy that mostly the money they use is glass beads & stones :)

My Continent Boxes are a set of fabric covered photo boxes. You may notice that there is actually 8 boxes on our shelf - yes, I know that there are only 7 continents! - but having only 7 boxes would drive me crazy (too aesthetically unbalanced!) so I bought 8. The last one is un-labelled but I plan to use it for objects & information about Space, Planet Earth as a whole and the Universe.

I took an overhead photo of the North America box laid out (Lovely was interested in it this morning when I went to pack away our latest thrifty finds) but the photo was a bit soft. I'll post a better one later though you can obviously see a bit of it here.

I had been thinking of blogging about the contents of each box & then read a post today from Gigi at Montessori Spanish - her North America box is wonderful! - which inspired me to kick it off. Thanks Gigi :)

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  1. I have 8 boxes too. I live in the United States, and I use the 8th box for things about our city, state, and country.

  2. You crack me up about the 8 boxes vs 7!!! That would be something my husband would do!!!

    I love the bloggers idea of having a box for our city, state, country. It's funny because my North America Box does not have one thing about Texas! I thought about this as I was putting it together.

  3. After reading about your thrift store finds, I was thinking of asking you for more information about your continent boxes, so thank you for sharing!

  4. 8 boxes!!! cool!! I like that one!! mave an ARECIBO BOX!! right Gigi or Puerto Rico box!!! yea, that will be... an Puerto Rico box!!! THanks Amber!! I love that idea!!


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