Wednesday, August 12, 2009

$6.50 well spent

It never ceases to amaze me what wonderful treasures you can find when you go thrifting. This was today's booty:

A beautiful old Van Gogh print.


These 2 cultural dolls to put into our Montessori Continent Boxes. I think the boys will love the Beefeater. I also bought a little girl doll from Norway but can't find her now. Don't you love that the Polynesian (?) mama is wearing her baby. That's him tucked in behind her shoulder :)

A wooden box. A Montessori Mama can never have too many wooden boxes!

A Melissa & Doug magnetic calender (like this) but without any magnets. It's a little ugly at the moment but I've been wanting to find something like this so will have to think of some customisations :)

A Canadian flag pin.

And a box of Chinese incense cones. Maybe I'll just burn these or maybe I'll put them in our Asia box.

What good thrifting have you done this week?

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  1. Quality thrifting there!

    My thrift shoppage hasn't been nearly so educational I'm afraid. I got a very glamorous 1950s pin up girl style halter bathing suit that will look tremendously foolish with my farmer's tan and a pair of spiderman heelys (no, not for me to wear with the swim suit! For my four year old daredevil's upcomming birthday). A bright red wooden step stool, a semi broken hovercraft toy for tinkering, and clothes for the ever growing offspring. Ooh, and we got a wooden box too! I'm hogging it for all my sewing thread though ;)

  2. I got several containers for pouring works. I also got a homemade gum ball dispenser that I am trying to figure out what I will use it for. I found 4 backs of hotel soaps that I will use for the handwashing stand.

  3. Great Scores!

    I've had some luck lately, too. A pair of gorgeous, dark chocolate cotton velvet drapes. (Going to add a fun/funky applique (octopus? robot? rocket?) and use them as a "headboard".) Also picked up a child-size roll top desk! It's sadly painted, but a little sanding and some fresh paint ought to perk it right up!

  4. Oops, forgot to ask:

    for your magnet board, if you paint over the surface, will it still be magnetic? I have a similar D&M board, too, and would love to spruce it up a bit.

  5. Great finds! I am totally jealous!

  6. You found some great stuff! I'm hoping to go later this week and keep my eye out for trays for our work shelf.

  7. Wow - you did great! I seriously need to go thrifting. I really enjoy hunting for treasures and our continent boxes are badly in need of items, but hauling 4 little kids around to yard sales - not so fun.

  8. I posted pics on my blog of my finds! I am finally figuring out this blog thing.

  9. Just a quick note on the dolls - your Polynesian doll is Maori, from New Zealand. :)


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