Friday, April 18, 2014

Wishing you a Happy Easter ❤

Wishing everyone a wonderful Easter full of chocolate and happy memories made.
Lots of love from our family to yours. xxx

p.s. I'm putting together a mega-post of Easters-past! Lots of cute egg and bunnies to come. Stay tuned.

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A Collection of Fun Easter Activities

I put together a little collection of Easter-inspired activities from the archives :)

What craftiness are you up to this Easter?
Amber. x

Sweet Easter transfers

Stuffing real eggs with Easter treats

Dying a Rainbow of Easter Eggs

While you have the dyes out... | A little science experiment

Making Easter gifts with kids (chocolate alert!)

* Please consider kitchen hygiene, make sure you keep them in the fridge and eat them within 24 hours if you make these.

Easter is on it's way! Easy Easter bunny craft.

And finally - some photos from Easter 2013. Now I'm wondering which box I need to unpack to find these beautiful Easter mugs!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

107/365 Snot Smoothies aka. Mucous Milkshakes

I pretty sure I've mentioned on here previously that my husband likes to request I make him batches of slime "for work purposes". Lol.

This time it was a request for Snot Smoothies (aka Mucous Milkshake). And well, I couldn't exactly refuse!! No children were harmed in the consumption of this vile delight*.

* as far as I know ;)

You can make your own Snot Smoothies too!

+ Freeze two ripe bananas
+ Add frozen banana and milk to your blender (or use a blender-stick)
+ Add green food colouring (we were disgusting and used regular ol' food dyes - but I do imagine you could use juice some Kale or other equally GREEN veggie and colour it that way :)
+ Blend until thick and creamy. Yum.

Voila! Snot-on-tap. Enjoy ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

106/365 Wait - This Isn't Summer!!

So the rain was definitely short-lived and by Wednesday we were back to this gloriousness. 

Hello! Wow, as much as I love exploring the world I have to admit that living somewhere that celebrates Autumn like this makes me feel very spoilt indeed.

Thanks to Hug and beautiful India for enjoying it so authentically for my camera ;)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

105/365 Energy To Burn!

Are you ready for the splashdown?!

We were the only ones at the local pool yesterday. A whole pool all for ourselves! It could have had something to do with a morning of rain - which diverted us to the library - but suddenly the rain clouds departed and the sun came out and there we were... Boys need to be physical (I know that girls do too but I am constantly amazed by how much energy boys have to burn) and even one day of house-y puzzle fun must be countered with a good play. No matter how chilly the water may be!

I stayed out, trying to read my book - or at least keep it dry - and admiring the surroundings. There is something so retro and cool about public pools don't you think? That turquoise blue always makes me smile :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Scarlet and Lulu | Byron Bay

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