Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An early start / flowers

T had to leave at 6am this morning (he's away for another few days... bottom lip out) & Hug didn't want to miss him so he woke up at 4.30 am!

Thankfully, I didn't get up until 6 & after waving daddy T off we were into the breakfast routine. Hug started to stir up a bit of trouble (the *I'm looking for trouble* type that I'm sure any parent of siblings will recognise!) so I applied my new approach - which is: if you have time to sit around and cause trouble then you must need a job! Now, I don't know if this technique will work forever but it certainly did me well this morning :)

I explain that it isn't a 'punishment' - but he will have an extra job to do - and I quickly racked my brain for an appropriate task "Ummm... could you please empty the washing machine for me". Well, both the washer & dryer were full & he wanted to empty both so showed him where the dry clothes could go & then the basket would be free for the wet. "Thanks Hug :)" But, no, that wasn't enough - he also wanted to help me hang them out. Now, I don't usually hang out washing at 6.16 in the morning (!) but what the heck! It was lovely listening to the morning birds & Hug was strangely excited to be in charge of pairing & hangings socks.

Inside again, he said that he wanted to help with *more* extra jobs! I'm so loving this ;)

I insisted that they get themselves ready first (doing the jobs on their morning charts) & then they helped to make my bed (with just a few tears over how the covers should sit ;) & then Hug said he would like to vacuum. He vacuumed the lounge-room & the kitchen. Lovely wanted an special job too so he carried the recycling out to the bin for me.

So, by 7.30 we were out in the garden - all jobs done & both boys ready for school - & picking flowers. Well, I wasn't picking - I was photographing - obviously ;)

Then when one of the boys that goes to "school" with Lovely turned up unexpectedly, with his dad, so they had a run around in the yard while we drank tea. Phew! It's only 10.15am now & I'm sure it's gotta be time for bed ;)

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  1. Beautiful photos! I love the idea of giving them jobs like that, and making it kind of fun at the same time. Good luck for the next few days ... time without Dad is SO hard!

  2. Hey gorgeous photos. What camera do you have?? I'm looking to buy a good one at the moment and am keen to get any recommendations and reviews.


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