Saturday, August 8, 2009

Books I want to inhale...

Don't you ever wish you could 'inhale' all the books that you wanted to read? I always have so much I want to read... & I usually want to read it NOW, which is mostly impossible ;)

T will be away for a few days & I'm hoping to make the most of the extra time to start re-reading The 4 Agreements (thanks to Blog of a Lifelong Learner for reminding me :) & How to talk so children will listen & listen so they will talk. That particular books been sitting on my bedside table for a few months now & I'm sure I'm overdue for some of it's wisdom! I'm also trying to read a huge pile of articles I printed from the Montessori Foundation website... a couple of novels... Hmmmm, the Waldorf/Steiner notes sent home from from Hug's school... the list goes on!

What are you reading / wanting to read?

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  1. Im a book fiend too! Im currently reading The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde, Eat Pray Love and The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo. On the nonfiction front reading Positive Discipline (LOVE IT!), First Art and popping in and out of a host of others - this week it is Montessori from the Start.

    I love the notion of inhaling! But I would miss the relax and sit-down, slow-down that comes with reading a book.

    Oh, have you made sandpaper letters? Any fonts you found that were the bees-knees?

  2. Hi MoaMM :)

    I enjoyed Eat.Pray.Love but friends I went out with this week couldn't stand it!?

    Positive Discipline sounds interesting... would love to read your 'review' sometime.

    Yes, *inhaling*... a stack while relaxing with a huge cup of tea!

    Sandpaper Letters - I'm using Learning Curve which is a cursive font that I'm pretty sure is a free download.

    Hope your weekend is fun! Say hi to Little Bird :)

  3. ohhh there are so many books on my mind!

    Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parent's of Young Children

    Miricale Child

    You Are Your Child's First Teacher

    Those are just to name a few!

  4. I just posted about this too! How To Talk... is a great book. Funny, easy to read and amazingly helpful. I read the one that is more geared toward teachers. I'm currently finishing up Alfie Kohn's Beyond Discipline. Again, more geared towards "teachers", but incredibly insightful. It's a great refresher for the Montessori freedom/discipline and rewards/punishments dialogue.

  5. Hi Ashley :) I loved Heaven on Earth! Did you read Meg's comments over at sew liberated? ( & I have a copy of You are Your Child's First Teacher on long-term loan from a friend I will have to look up 'Miracle Child' now. Thanks for sharing :)

    Hey PS :) I've been wanting to read some Alfie Kohn for a while, particularly the book 'Unconditional Parenting'. Thanks for the reminder!


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