Saturday, August 8, 2009


Too funny :)

T and I have been sitting in the kitchen since we put the boys to bed about an hour ago... & we've been involved in all sorts of digital frivolities:

+ T tweeted then linked his Twitter feed to his blog
+ updated his blog panels
+ plugged the iphone into the mac & it auto-loaded the photos I took this afternoon
+ plugged in the actual camera to download pix
+ responded to new blog comments that arrived in my email
+ added NeoCounter to T's blog
+ downloaded Skype to iphone
+ downloaded Bubblewrap to iphone
+ made test Skype call from iphone to mac whilst in the same room (deeply unsatisfying)
+ checked my fave RSS feeds
+ tried to sort out new 2nd phone
+ called new phone from iphone while in the same room
+ T commented on a blog & then posted his own blog-post
+ I twittered around & discovered that CNN's breaking news was about a Tweet (Ashton K tweeted about his emergency plane landing - that's CNN? )
+ couldn't work out how to add my own number to new 2nd phone
+ emailed photo's from today to T so that he could blog them
+ T checked-in online for his flight tomorrow
+ Google-imaged for a photo for this post

& had conversations that went like this..." If you can't find the Twitter widget as a Blogger gadget then just Google it..."

Oh God. We've officially lost it ;)

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  1. ugh.

    this has been us for the last couple of weeks. new phones, new ipod touch, trying to sync between those and a macbook and a pc.

    oh god, we've lost it is right.

    i don't want my kids seeing all that screen time!!!!


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