Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Toadstool Pizzas

I met a Montessori mama on the weekend who has 2 sons (almost 6 & 7) who make dinner for the family one night a week each. I thought that was pretty cool & told Hug & he was thrilled at the idea...

I already had plans to make pizza that night but he said he had to start right away! We got a fun pizza book out of our collection & Hug chose a Toadstool Pizza! Pizza happens to be a great choice for a 5 year old - not only do they love to eat it but it's rather easy :)

I was on hand to help chop & light the oven & keep things happening in a sensible time-frame ;) but it was a success & I look forward to helping him become self-sufficient in the kitchen.

To make a toadstool pizza:

+ prepare the dough or store-bought wholemeal lebanese bread bases (which we did)
+ brush the bases with olive oil
+ layer sliced vegies onto the top half (only) - we used zuchini & yellow capsicum & mushrooms for T.
+ sprinkle the whole pizza with grated cheese
+ cover the vegies (top half of pizza only) with red sauce (we used a bottle of organic pasta sauce)
+ add spots to the toadstool (we used circles of feta cheese with sliced olive on top)
+ bake it! Hmmm... now I'm not good with temperatures or times so you might have to wing this part. If you really need me to I can look in the book but I'm pretty sure it was quite hot & just cooked until the bases went crispy. Yes, people, that's what kinda cook I am ;)
+ When you get the pizza's out of the oven you use kitchen scissors to cut 2 triangular shapes from the bottom half of the pizza which leaves a toadstool 'stem'.
+ Voila! Serve with grass made from chives - as in the book - or sliced green beans like us.

Yum :)

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  1. That is adorable! Great job guys!! What book is that? My kids love to cook. Even Logan helps a lot in the kitchen. He loves to do things like mash breadcrumbs or chop up beans for stirfry. :)


  2. These are awesome! My son's having a friend come over for a sleepover soon; maybe we'll try something like this. Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a fun idea! thanks for posting. That looks like a great cookbook, do you mind sharing the name?


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