Saturday, August 22, 2009

Continents Box: ANTARCTICA

Lovely chose the Antarctica continent box off the shelf today, discovered the penguins, & ran off to put them in the bath toys basket where they used to live! Hmmmm, still in the sensitive period for order I see. I asked him to (read: insisted ;) that he bring them back because they live in the Antarctica box now. He was dubious.

Then I showed him our map in the reading corner & pointed out that something is missing - Antarctica! We've had "issues" with this map before! And then I got the globe out & showed him where it really is. Now, if only I would make that continents globe I'm planning...

So, as you can see - I don't have a lot in this box, but I do have a cool set of penguin cards that I got from Jo's blog A Bit of This and A Bit of That & a set of penguins that I think I got from The Sunrise Learning Lab :) Lovely & I matched the penguins to the cards which is easier said that done!

What is in your Antarctica box if you have one or, if you don't, what would you put in one?

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  1. Hi Amber, yes, the penguins were from us. As far as additional stuff, I have some animal cards that I believe came from
    Playschool6. Also visited this site and tried to make some things to go with these animals, too...arctic tern, blue whale, humpback whale, minke whale, baleen whale, Weddell seal, squid, and zooplankton.
    Added some more plastic animals,too. Originally, my plan was to visit various journals that researchers have kept about Antarctica, but I have not done that yet. There was a cool site that an Aussie teacher and writer had kept...will have to look back and try to find her info. She came back to Australia and did several children's art workshops related to her travels. Not sure how it would work into your continents box, but since you also include Waldorf, you might love it, as she had the children do some beautiful paintings...
    have a happy weekend,

  2. Love it! I'm going to get going on my Antarctica box! I'm going to have to buy little penguins on our next Sea World trip!
    I have a very nice book I found from Half Price.

  3. Wonderful! We did our little Antartica box not too long ago, which included looking at different penguin figures then matching them to cards. I was *shocked* when my 3-year-old recently correctly identified an Adelie on a zoo trip! I guess he'd been paying closer attention to the names than I'd thought. ;)

  4. great idea, so many possibilities with your themed boxes.


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