Tuesday, August 18, 2009


One of my latest-favourite bloggers, Mama-Om, has written yet another inspired post called The Path to Peace is Filled with Potholes (and I Lose My Way a Lot). Please read it if you have the time :)

{p.s. the image is my own, taken from a hot air balloon!}

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  1. Amazing picture Amber! That is wonderful! I look forward to looking at that link, but first I wanted to thank you for the compliment on my other blog. That is actually my first blog, the other one starting years later. lol... I found myself making two or three posts per day, and so I figured that I would just make two blogs. One for the kids and homeschool stuff and one for my stuff alone. Collecting the Moments has turned into a food preservation and simple sewing blog lately, but this time of year, that is to be expected. ;) The homeschool one is about to boom as we start the year... but I enjoy them both. They both have seasons of 'boom' and 'boring'. But they are great to write. :)


  2. Hi Amber!
    Thank you for leaving these lovely links, I look forward to checking them out! Your photo is lovely, I was imagining it to be seaweed on a sandy beach! I love that it is taken from a hot air ballon *sigh* Enjoy your day sweet mama! Such a happy colorful banner, I love it!

  3. I love the photo, too! It's lovely and amazing.

    (and thanks for the link! :)


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