Monday, August 3, 2009

Morning & Evening charts

Inspired by Our Montessori Story I decided to make up some Morning & Evening charts for the boys. Please excuse my stick-figure drawings! They are double-sided & can hang off the end of their beds. I can only hope their enthusiasm lasts - they both *jumped* out of bed this morning to get ready without a word from me... magic!

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  1. Those are BEAUTIFUL! I may have to copy. We have morning and evening chores but the kids have their own paper charts that they get done with check marks. They know them by heart now and it is time to refresh the way we do chores around here anyhow due to the move and all. Thanks for the idea!


  2. Thanks Val :) They're not perfect - but they're perfectly good for us! I used some Waldorf style wet-on-wet paintings that Hug brought home from school as the backgrounds & then printed labels in the Cursive font that I'm using in my Montessori work with Lovely. So they're a good mix of our 2 influences.

    I made a chart for Hug when he was little with velcro photo's (of himself :) that he put over each job as he did it... but that hadn't been out for years so the boys are enjoying the novelty of these. It's good to mix things up sometimes, isn't it!


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