Monday, December 3, 2012

What's in an ink?

Our very first Forensic Science experiment! 

You need some filter paper (coffee filter paper will work) and a few different black felt tip pens.
Cut a strip of the filter paper to about 7 x 4 cm and tape it to a pencil. 
Draw a pencil line about 3 cm from the bottom and add a dot of each of 4 different ink pens along the line.

Balance the pencil over a glass and carefully (so as not to splash the paper) add enough water so that just the tip of the paper is wet. 


As the filter paper soaks up the water your ink spots will start to travel upwards revealing their colour composition as they go. Cool! One of Hugs pens was a permanent marker and it didn't spread at all so they could actually see that the permanent marker ink wasn't water-soluble.

Lovely got the best colours. 

What are your favourite simple Science experiments? x

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  1. Dd would love this one! It's her dad that usually does the science experiments with her and a great one they've done a few times is pouting vinegar over bicarbonate soda in a thin long bottle and letting the evaporated gas inflate a balloon by holding it down over the opening of the bottle! It's amazing to see the balloon inflate with the gases being released:)

  2. Joyful - I think Hug has done that at scouts but I will have to give it a go here as well. All in the name of Science of course! ;)


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