Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Some perfectly wonderful films :)

God, I've been ever so lucky with my film-watching so far this year! 

I've enjoyed everything I've watched which is pretty amazing (don't you hate those bad spells when everything you watch is rotten?!) All of these films are about the complexities of life and love but with a real variety of experiences.

Last night T and I watched The Notebook on dvd. Wow. Wow. Wow. It is such a beautiful film. A simple love story that is told so wonderfully and leaves you with something that you just can't shake. And while it's not unheard of for me to have a little sniffle during a movie I was bawling for most of the second half. Sob!
On Friday night one of my loveliest girlfriends called up for a spontaneous trip to the cinema & with T's blessings I jumped at the chance. Thanks daddio! We went to see Vicky Cristina Barcelona, directed by Woody Allen. I always love Woody but I also really enjoyed the great architecture of Gaudi (coincidentally I had just borrowed a big coffee table book on Gaudi from the library a few days earlier to show the boys his amazing work). All of the performances are brilliant and it's little surprise that Penelope Cruz has been nominated for an Oscar. Sexy & fun.

Going back a few weeks we both really enjoyed Dan in Real Life. It kinda looks like its going to be a bit silly be it's a really sweet & well-made film. Steve Carrell is charming & Juliette Binoche is great too. Its set up in a big 'ol house by the lake with lots of family, lots of confusion, lots of emotion and lots of love.

We hired this film, Lars and the Real Girl, after a recommendation from somewhere but didn't actually know what it was about. Without giving too much away let me say that it *does* feature an anatomically-correct lifesize doll! Having said that I was so so so won over by this film. The whole doll thing isn't  sexualised (hard to imagine I know! ;) and it's totally quirky but amazing. Ryan Gosling is such a brilliant actor. I just discovered that he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Half Nelson which is another great film we watched last year some time. He's also the lead in The Notebook (I looked him up on imdb.com after watching Lars & decided to watch more of his stuff). 

What do you wanna recommend?

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  1. I saw the Notebook for the first time on TV a few months ago....and Oh my it was good. The actors had definite chemistry, and yeah I was crying. One of those I could watch and watch and never get tired of...the only other one I saw was Dan in Real Life....it was touching...not at all like some of Steve Carrel's other movies....

  2. I've only seen one of these so far - so thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Oh I just LOVE lars and the real girl!! My fav film of the moment is Snow Cake, which has Sigorney Weaver playing an autistic adult.

  4. Hi guys!
    I will look out for 'Snow Cake'. I think I've heard about it & it sounds really interesting.

    Of course, just as I start to watch all of these great films and get new recommendations we've also decided to drop our web-movies membership in the sake of frugality ;) Oh well!


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