Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day lilies

My lovely mother in law bought me a beautiful bunch flowers last week when I was feeling a little low (I so appreciated them & they lit up the whole house!). None of the day lilies were open when we got them so it was with great excitement that we watched them unveil themselves. 

I got a bit inspired during rest time & put together a little kinda-Montessori tray to leave out by the flowers for Hug to 'discover' when he got up. I haven't put out any Montessori trays for him in ages and he kept saying "Mama, thanks for putting this work out for me!" :) In it I included some 3-part-cards that I got from Sarah Sellers a while back (if you haven't checked out her site & blog please do - she's amazing!), a jar with pink and green pencils and a colouring page with the word 'lily' & practice area for writing the letter L (and 'l'). Not totally Montessori but we did trace the letters with our fingers ;)

While he was immersed in the activity I put together some future work from this pdf about parts of the flower from Montessori  Materials. I just liked that this all came together really spontaneously & from the pure joy that these flowers brought us all. Thanks Nannio!

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