Monday, January 19, 2009

Lovely is 3 / The Chocolate Party!

My littlest bug is 3!!! Happy birthday sweetness! We love love love you sooooooooooooo much!

Okay, so I know that I over-documented Hug's Space Party ;) but somehow I was so in the moment at Lovely's party (and enjoying a little champagne! In fact it *was* a joint birthday party for Lovely, T & I) that I didn't get a lot of photos :(  My sister-in-law took some great ones so maybe when she gives them to me I'll add some more.

Anyway, it was such a cool day. As I mentioned Lovely choose to have a CHOCOLATE PARTY. Tee-hee! T had asked me a few weeks prior what theme I was thinking about for Lovely's party & I hadn't decided yet so that day while the boys were resting I flicked through some kids mags & thought that a garden-y circus would be fun (we had already decided that we would celebrate at the Sydney Botanic Gardens as we would be away from home & it was a wonderful opportunity!) so when Hug got up I mentioned the circus idea to him & he loved it. Great. When Lovely woke up we excited asked him & he gave a decisive...

Hmmm, "What party do you want Lovely?" 
"A chocolate party!" 
"Oh... what about a chocolatey-circus party?" 
"No. A chocolate party." 
"Ummmm, okay!"

So a chocolate party is was. I mean you only turn 3 once don't you?! My thinking is that if you're going to do chocolate you want to do it well so we bought lots of good-quality chocolate for a chocolate-tasting table (think Lindt Chilli-chocolate) & I asked my brother who just happens to be the head-chef at an amazing restaurant if he could organise a cake. Wow! Did he ever! He worked with his pastry chef to create a real masterpiece that was his birthday gift to us all & it was surreal. Just amazing. I wish I could remember what all of the lovely toppings were exactly & that I had a photo that did it justice. Oh, did I mention that it was delicious?!

We had a treasure hunts for the kids (gold coins and cute organic-chocolate ladybugs) and duck-feeding at the pond. Good friends and beautiful weather. Bubbles. Italian bread and cheeses. Bowls of fresh cherries and lychees and grapes. We were all happy birthday bugs :)

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