Friday, January 16, 2009


There was an interesting post somewhere out there in the blogosphere recently (sorry, I can't think where! ;) about colouring-in. And the benefits of not. Well I do agree to a point but Hug actually really likes to colour-in. So, in turn,  I think it's important to make sure he has good-quality options & one of my favourite choices (and his :) is colouring Mandalas! 

There is something so beautiful about them & the inherent patterning and symmetry. When I've done one myself I'd even say they have a meditative quality. I have bought one book of Mandalas but mostly I like to do a quick google search & I'll always find a few free ones to print off, like these:, JuneMoon Free Colouring Book.

Please let me know if you have any links to suggest!

p.s. Looking for links for this post I found this book of Peace Mandalas for children which I can only imagine would be wonderful.

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  1. The discussion was on Montessori for everyone! I agree with you, if a child enjoys colouring in then who are we to say it isn't gainful employment and yes, there is a kind of zen place one can get to especially with these beautiful patterns. I always loved them as a child myself and we have a group of children at school who seem to use them to centre themselves before starting work. And they can be made by the child by using the insets for design!

  2. I think I need to print off some of these for myself! Thanks!!


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