Thursday, November 10, 2011

Press PLAY

Mr L is doing really well at "school". He's got a Logical-Mathamatical kinda mind (We're loving our Life of Fred books, thanks for the inspiration Hungry Heads! ;) but he's also really imaginative which I love. His reading is improving every day and his retention seems good too.

Our days run quite smoothly *most of the time* Lol. But when I stumbled across this blog challenge I thought it sounded like the type of fun-injection we would enjoy!

Don't get me wrong - there's a lot of PLAY in this house. In fact, I type this one-fingered into my iphone at the kitchen table sipping my tea and listening to the mad ramblings of Mr.L ensconced in a world of suitcases, locks, keys and burgulars in his room. This is a tea-break from our morning of Chess and book reading on the trampoline.

But, sometimes I find they're/we're stuck in familiar play patterns.

The Play challenge gives you 30 days of Play prompts and is aimed at the younger child. Which is where I think the fun will lie for us - revisiting some of the old-skool gems that we have "grown out of". Yesterday (our first day, but day 8 of the challenge) was Water Play and I made up bottles of coloured water for bath-time play.

Today it's Sensory Tubs! I'm actually not even sure we did Sensory Tubs at all when they were little even though they were all over the web. But I took the lead and have thrown this collection together.

Are you tempted to PLAY too...?

L takes a sneak peek. Immediate response ~ peg on nose. Boys!?

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  1. I love the idea of sensory tubs -- I've never pulled one off myself -- but I love looking at them on-line.
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog---
    In answer to your question:.
    We are using MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures to travel around the world. We stay in each continent 2-3 weeks and cover countries/climate/animals during out stay. We started in North America - we've almost covered South America, and we'll be moving on to Europe next week.
    Hope that helps a little.


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