Tuesday, September 1, 2009

We're home :)

We're home! Had a wonderful week away! A bit of a roadtrip & a visit with old friends. A winter heatwave. T only working half-days. Swimming... And a whole lot of *blurk* from Lovely who came down with a mystery virus - but even he enjoyed the week away which is saying a lot ;)

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  1. Its a shame we cant go on holiday from the unexpected things that happen too. I hate being sick while away. Welcome home, glad you had a safe trip

  2. Thanks InOurEyes :)

    No, you can't be in control of everything - especially when you're away... My husband was the only other one who got a dose of what Lovely had & he was almost green the morning after we arrived! But in a way it was weirdly nice because we had to reeeeally slow down & not do much & there was no bickering (until the last couple of days at least!) between the boys. Ahhhh, bliss :)

    Were you meant to be going to the Sunshine Coast this week also?

  3. Yes but the cold snap changed my mind.
    The past few weeks have been full on with birthday preparation and its not over yet. We are off to Clontarf tomorrow for a fishing workshop with other home schoolers which I'm sure Ellie will soak up.
    The bickering can become unbearable in my house sometimes.
    Life doesn't have to be so hard!

  4. Hug would love a fishing workshop! I'm homeschooling-vicariously through other people like you ;)

  5. Nice to have you back Amber - I have just published my post with your photo (credited of course) on it - hope you are happy with the way its been used! Sorry to hear about your son and husband! Cheers, Gypsyxx

  6. Welcome back! Hope all feeling better. x


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