Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday morning at the Farmers Markets

We had a great morning. I had planned to head off to the local Farmers Market with the boys at 8am rain, hail or shine. We were all in the car. All clipped in and - whoops - a flat battery! 

Okay, a slight delay :) Luckily we live right by a kids park so we headed over there to wait for help from people who know about these sort of car things. Our play in the park became a bit of a nature forage and so we got our market-baskets and collected tiny flowers and leaves. We brought them home and sat in the sunshine on the verandah. We made new placemats for the table - I laid out contact and the boys stuck down their leaves and petals (I must admit that Lovely was getting a bit over it by this stage so I did help him :) and then folded a top layer of contact over to seal it all up. I think they're quite beautiful and rather colourful for early winter.

During our project the car man came and got us started so as soon as we were finished we jumped aboard and headed off on our mission. Only 2 hours later than expected, but better late than never! We had lots of fun, buying organic apples, yummy pecans (I was very proud of Hug when he saw the stall & shrieked "Pecans!" - they've recently taken a liking to them), some organic Tatsoi (what *exactly* am I planning to do with it?!), a jar of beautiful local Feta cheese and some salad things.

Hug got to show us his amazing tree-climbing skills

They had a special treat - these gorgeous take-away Baby-chino's. Yum.

Treats from the tomato lady :)

Lovely befriended this Jackfruit

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  1. OK - What an inspiration! I love the placemats you did. Gorgeous. I am totally going to copy you :)

    And I love the idea of having the kids have their own baskets for the Farmers Market. I am going to do that too next time we go.

    You have great ideas, and beautiful photography!

  2. Lovely pics! Looks like a good time was had by all!


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