Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

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For Today, Tuesday July 1st, 2008

Outside My Window... My sweet boys are engrossed in 'tiling' our back stairs! We have had the tiler here this afternoon fixing up some tiles in the bathroom and now that he's gone the boys have set up a work-station all by themselves. Hug asked if we had an old blanket which I helped him find (I didn't want to find one of our special ones sprawled across the back yard!) but the rest they set up themselves; a bucket of glue (sand), a trailer of grout (more sand), water and some tools for the job. They were obviously studying the tiler and his set-up with a keen eye! I don't usually don't like sand out of the sand-pit but this was a pretty cool reason to bust the rules :)

I am thinking... How lucky I am to be able to be sitting here having a moment of peace to myself while I also get to hear the sweet banter of my 2 boys engrossed in a big project of their own making, just outside the kitchen.

I am thankful for... The printer ink arriving! We've been out for the longest time!

From the kitchen... I'm not exactly sure what we're having for dinner tonight. I guess I should get on that. Let me check... Okay - I'm back. An indian curry with Puppodums and Paneer cheese and brown rice. While I was up I made everyone a snack - guacamole and crackers. We had Guacamole left from tacos last night. Then, I realised that we had pasta the night before - so it seems like an international week for us.

I am wearing... my new dark-denim jeans. Yippee!

I am creating... My blog!

I am going... to watch some episodes of Entourage on dvd with T tonight.

I am reading... I read a little book on procrastination this week. I'm most certainly a perfectionist who suffers from procrastination at times. Must work on that ;)

I am hoping... To get my copy of Raising an amazing child the Montessori way by Tim Seldin back from my friend tomorrow. She's had it for ages and I've missed it so much. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it again.

I am hearing... "I'm firsty" (thirsty) from Lovely who then took the steps over to the bench, got the bottle of big water and used a funnel (and a little help from Mama because it's a big glass bottle) to fill his own drink-bottle and then screwed his lid back on. What a star! I love seeing initiative.

Around the house... Things are starting to get a bit sandy under-foot ;) Hmmmm...

One of my favorite things...  is that it's almost 4 and T will be finished work soon.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Our trapeze class was delayed so it's Saturday now - I can't wait!!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... 

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  1. Hi. Nice to 'meet' you through your Daybook.

    What was the name of that book on procrastination? I certainly need it! LOL!

    Come by and see my Daybook!



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